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canoeing and fishing

I was glad when we didn’t catch anything, because while fishing is really fun, dealing with fish is not the best part of fishing. The best part is sticking out the line there and being able to sit, patiently and wait to see if anything happens. It’s enjoying being outdoors in the sunshine. It’s slowly moving the canoe forward to move to a better place. It’s getting a bit excited when the line tugs, even when the fish gets away.

I was wondering if I really wanted a canoe the other day–it takes some work to get it out on the water. We have to lift the heavy thing up on top of the car and then tie it up. We have to take it down, go canoeing, then stick it up and tie it up again. And then take it down again. We have to gather up the oars and the life jackets. And we’re already over maximum capacity, and with four kids soon, we will no longer be able to fit in one canoe with a family. Canoeing sounds like a royal pain sometimes.

And then we go out, and I love it so much that it’s worth having to store it and lift it and tie it down and all of that. I love being up out of the water, being able to look over the lake and see things, like swimming snakes. I love that my kids can wander in the boat without having to worry about it tipping over (our canoe is not very fast, but it is very sturdy). I love paddling and paddling until I’m tired, and then paddling some more.


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