Happy guy

This little guy is happy. Until he gets his mind set on something and cries until he gets it. But tantrums don’t happen too frequently and most of the time he greets life with a smile.

He got a kitchen for his birthday:

And he loves it.

He likes to go on walks and ride his squeaky bike. He wanders sometimes, so we have to keep our eye on him. He loves pets–he loves to play with the neighbors’ dog and the other day he was visiting a kitty and loved to pick it up however he could.

He’s not very talkative, still mostly using singular words. But he does sing songs–he doesn’t get the words right, but he actually gets the tunes right and babbles along. ABCs are his favorite, as well as doing the actions to a whole lot of primary songs.

He loves long naps and playing by himself–and sometimes with his older brother and sister.

And he may be a bit of a favorite–for a moment. As long as he’s not throwing a tantrum.


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