Family Life

hiking and camping

The funny thing about living right next to a campground: we don’t go camping as much. Part of that is Dillon’s work schedule, but part of it is that it seems somewhat pointless to go camping because we sort of live camping–not the sleep-on-the-hard-ground part, but the being-out-in-nature part.

But we did go actually camping a little bit ago. Well, I didn’t. Dillon and the two oldest kids actually slept in the tent. I have a newborn, so I took care of her. But we did build a fire and cook s’mores and just sit outside and enjoy nature for a while.

We also go hiking on occasion. And by hiking, I mean walking up to the bike teeter-totter that is a few hundred feet off the road and playing on it. That’s our current version of hiking, and with young children, that version works really well.

We may not have any grocery stores nearby, but we do have nature. There was a snake in our backyard today, and the birds were twittering at it. It wasn’t venomous, so I figured it could go eat some mice for us.

Sometimes I miss living close to things like people and stores and movie theaters–but I live close to forests and a lake and lots of deer. So it’s okay.


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