read in 2007

1. True Talents (loved it)

2. Peter and the Starcatchers (I love the original Peter Pan so much that it was a little hard to read, but it was well written and had a good plot)

3. Spiderwick Chronicles (Written for younger children and I didn’t finish the series, but I thought it was brilliantly written)

4. The Bartimaeus Trilogy Book One: The Amulet of Samarkand (interesting, new, compelling, though sometimes annoying, characters, good setting)

5. The Odyssey (Can’t say much on this. It’s the Odyssey)

6. Magic or Madness (New views on magic, realistic characters, not cliched at all)

7. Housekeeping (Beautifully written, very enjoyable and deep)

8. Inkheart (It’s fun, a little too long, and has a great plot)

9. Midnighters (one of the few beginnings of series I started where I really wanted to read more at the end)

10. Hidden Talents (repeat) (I LOVE this book)

11. For one more day (Short, sweet, deep characters and themes. Wonderful)

12. Coraline (Someone compared it to Alice and Wonderland. I agree—magical, twisted, and beautiful)

13. The Thief Lord (rich setting, great ending that I wasn’t expecting)

14. Tehanu (relaxing book, meditative, and beautiful)

15. Stargirl (it can change your life, seriously)

16. New moon (Ahh, Jacob Black. I love Jacob Black)

17. Shadow Thieves (Wonderful premise: Greek mythology happens to be right and the Underworld is now a dysfunctional corporation run by a lazy Hades)

18. Bloody Jack (extremely strong character and voice)

19. Midnight’s Children (didn’t finish) (doesn’t go anywhere, thus I didn’t finish)

20. Enna Burning (repeat) (Aah. Love it.)

21. River Secrets (repeat) (Also love this one, and it has a lighter feel, which is great)

22. Mister Monday (Arthur is one of the best protagonists I’ve come across)

23. Austenland (Enjoyable, made me happy)

24. Midnighters Book 2: Touching Darkness (I don’t want to read book 3 now, but it’s still good)

25. Magic Lessons (again, don’t want to read the third book really, but it develops things well and has a compelling plot-line)

26. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea (fascinating. I still spout out stuff I learned from here)

27. Outsiders (repeat) (Another one I love)

28. A Stir of Bones (one of the books that is actually unique and original, very enjoyable to read)

29. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (What can I say? Perfect ending)

30. Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince, (only some) (nice to go back and realize that yes, Harry Potter books are good)

31. Cosmicomics (the most creative stories I’ve ever read, period)

32. The First Three Minutes (I didn’t understand much of this book)

33. Howl’s Moving Castle (this is my sort of romance. loved it)

34. The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks (repeat from long ago) (this book makes me laugh again and again)

35. The Greatest Salesman in the World (inspirational and a great way to live your life)

35. The Indian in the Cupboard (repeat from long ago) (enjoyable children’s book to pick up)

36. Grim Tuesday (I want to read the third book now, so that’s a really good thing.)

37. A Cab Called Reliable (I don’t recommend it, really)

38. House of Scorpion (Very intriguing, very real characters)

39. A Great and Terrible Beauty (had a little hard time getting through, enjoyable, unique characters, has intrigue)

40. Book of a Thousand Days (this is perhaps the best book on this list, and that is saying something. Wonderful. A gazillion explanation points of goodness)

41. Sons and Lovers (I read this for a class on modernism, as a requirement)

42. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (very funny and enjoyable)

43. The Immoralist (another book for school—not terrible, but another modernist text and I don’t recommend it)

44. Drowned Wednesday (the series keeps progressing nicely, and I just want to keep reading it)

45. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (interesting, yet somewhat gruesome book—sometimes depressing, sometimes uplifting, very well-written and easy to read—very much enjoyed it)

46. The King of Attolia (very political and complicated—book three of a series, but stands alone well—became very involved, my sort of book)

47. Sir Thursday (the tension is high, the characters are wonderful—I love the Keys of the Kingdom series)

48. Galileo (it’s a play, for a class, but it was really enjoyable. liked it. First book from the class that I did like)

49. Waiting for Godot (a play—save yourself some time and only read if required or you’re really, really bored)

50. The Higher Power of Lucky (the beginning was a little hard for me, but by the end I was crying and thinking that the book most definitely deserved the Newbery—a wonderful book)

51. The Scarlet Pimpernel (repeat) (I love this book! I have to say, best the first time through, but it doesn’t loose to much on a second perusal!)

52. Eat, Shoots and Leaves (all right)

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