Family Traditions

Ideas not implemented are in italics.


  • Stories and/or songs before bed
  • Yoga, sometimes
  • Family scriptures and prayers
  • Asking what my kid’s favorite part of the day was
  • Piggy-back rides to bed
  • “Special” time with my kids
  • “Activities” with my kids
  • Cuddles in bed in the morning


  • Family home evening on Monday with songs, lesson, game, treat
  • Date nights with husband
  • Family council/planning session
  • Breakfast for dinner on Sunday
  • Game night
  • Movie night
  • Talking to my mom
  • Dates with individual kids
  • Service as a family
  • Outings to a park


  • Fasting
  • Crepe night
  • Archery tournament
  • Testimony meeting


  • Easter: dying eggs
  • New Year’s Eve: shrimp
  • Birthdays: favorite meals, do something fun
  • Christmas: service project, presents, tree, etc.
  • Thanskgiving: turkey, visit family
  • Valentines: not celebrated, really
  • 4th of July: picnic, fireworks


  • Visits to family
  • Garden
  • Vacation
  • Canning

One thought on “Family Traditions

  1. It was fine. I love your facebook. I have been without a car these past few weeks. I am glad you have a schedule. It helps to get more things accomplished. You are a good example to me.


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