Super Strong

I wrote a book:


Gee Reimer is the strongest person in the world and hates it. He gets more attention than he could ever want, from YouTube videos to crowds of people at school who want to be his friend. Gee feels completely alone until he meets Mike, who can teleport and turn invisible, and Alice, who doesn’t care that Gee has super strength.

The Division of Exceptional Management wants to hire him as a superhero. And Cade, a super-manipulator of feelings, tries to force Gee to become a criminal. Gee doesn’t think he’s a hero or a villain. He just wants to be normal, but normal is no longer an option.

I self-published the book on Amazon, currently available for Kindle and in paperback. You can get it here.

I originally wrote Super Strong in college, somewhere around 2007 or 2008. I kept working on it on and off for the next few years until I felt like I had a finished product in 2011. I had written two novels previously, and I’ve since worked on four more in varying degrees of completion (including The Unadventurous Prince of Niff).

Traditional publishing didn’t work out, thank goodness. I went through a period of time where I really didn’t want to write anymore, and I’m so very grateful that I had that option.

So I recently read Super Strong again, years after writing it, and I really enjoyed it. And since other people had enjoyed it as well, I decided to stick it up on Amazon.

In some ways, I really like self-publishing. I like the fact that I have no pressure to actually sell anything. I like designing covers and formatting.

But it’s super scary, sticking my work out there all by myself.

I did it anyway. Hope you enjoy.